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It’s no secret: Greyhound is the most luxurious way to travel by coach. What actually goes into luxurious coach travel? Learn about some of the brilliant features that you can expect to find when you travel on the Dreamliner.

Free Wifi

Staying connected has become a basic necessity, therefore free WiFi is available for all our passengers. Check your emails and social media while on board, however we ask that you do not stream video – we all need to share bandwidth.

Power outlets

Each seat has its own standard power outlet for keeping your devices charged during your journey, so you can stay connected at all times. Now you can have a fully charged phone when arriving at your destination!

Reclining seats

Our comfortable memory foam seats are adjustable and feature a foot rest and arm rests for ultimate comfort. Once you’re settled in and found just the right spot in your seat, a nap might just be in order! 

Extra legroom

There’s always space to stretch out when you travel with Greyhound. Our reclining seats also have extra legroom so you can get truly comfortable. No more cramped seating!

No middle seats

On Greyhound coaches, every passenger gets an aisle or a window seat. There are no middle seats, so you don’t have to worry about being squashed or fighting for arm rests.

Overhead storage

Free up more space for yourself by placing your carry-on baggage in the convenient overhead storage compartment above your seat.

On-board restroom

Throughout your journey we do stop for rest breaks and encourage that you use the restrooms at each stop, but it’s good to know that there is also an on-board restroom on each coach should nature call.

Safe & Eco-friendly

Every Greyhound coach is fully equipped with the latest technology to burn fuel cleanly, reducing our impact on the environment. We also have 24-hour vehicle monitoring and drive cams to monitor safety on the road


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